Exercise 1.5

Use be going to or the Present Continuous tense form. If two answers are possible, write them both.

1. We … at home tonight. (stay)

2. We … into our new flat next week. (move)

3. My boyfriend … me after the concert. (meet)

4. Brianna … to Malta next Wednesday. (fly)

5. Take some warm clothes – it … cold later in the evening. (get)

6. Who else … to your party? (come)

7. My family and I … on holiday next month. (go)

8. Viola … the doctor at 12 o’clock tomorrow. (see)

9. How many children … at the camp tomorrow? (arrive)

10. Hurry up! You … the plane! (miss)

11. Who … her about what happened? (tell)

12. Look out! You … on a banana skin! (step)

13. I … a shower, clean my teeth and go to bed. (have)

14. We … to Liverpool tomorrow afternoon. (drive)

15. Nick and his girlfriend … a meal in a restaurant tonight. (have)

16. Look at the sky. It … soon. (rain)

Part II

The Future Simple

Exercise 2.1

Complete the sentences with will or won’t plus one of these verbs.

be come enjoy feel get (2) happen
like make rain sleep stay

1. You don’t need to take an umbrella I’m sure it won’t rain.

2. I don’t feel very well this evening. – Well, go to bed early, and I’m sure you … better in the morning.

3. Martyn is very ambitious. I think he … a good career.

4. I’m sorry I was late this morning. I hope it … again.

5. Don’t drink coffee before you go to bed. You … .

6. I’m going away for a few days. I think I … back home next Friday.

7. Do you think there … many people at the meeting?

8. Don’t trust these people. I’m afraid you … your money back.

9. I saw Jim and Sue together yesterday. I think they … married one day.

10. I hope Anna … this present. I spent the whole day looking for it.

11. The film is awful! I’m sure you … it.

12. You … fit if you do sports regularly.

Exercise 2.2

Make sentences to respond to these statements. Use the Future Simple.

1. It’s Jane’s birthday today. – ...

2. I’m so thirsty. – …

3. Would you like pasta or fish and chips? – …

4. I haven’t got your e-mail address. – …

5. I need to do the washing-up but I’m so tired. – …

6. Oh! I haven’t got any money to pay for the meal. – …

7. The phone’s ringing. – …

8. My room is in a terrible mess! – …

9. Have a nice holiday! – …

10. I don’t know how to use this camera. – …

11. My car broke down, and the next bus is only in 20 minutes. – …

Exercise 2.3

You are travelling in Europe. Complete the sentences with the verb be in the Present, the Past or the Future Simple.

1. Yesterday I was in Amsterdam.

2. Today … in Brussels.

3. Tomorrow … in Paris.

4. Last week … in Glasgow.

5. Next week … in Barcelona.

6. Three days ago … in London.

7. The day after tomorrow … in Munich.

8. I think … very tired at the end of the trip.