XXI Century: Communication

The XXI century is the time of busy people who are always in a hurry. We often feel how fast the time flies and we have no time for a quiet talk. But people still want and need communication.The Internet and e-mail have become its new form in the modern world. They have connected the whole planet. They are used much more often now than the traditional mail, though it is still important in the life of every country. Millions of people communicate by the Internet sending letters and messages. This world system of communication has changed the way people think and work. They send and get information and documents, sell and buy different goods and services almost at once. The Net is convenient to those who study and even to those who want to make friends.

Very often you need to send your personal details,for example when you apply for a job,a grantor a place to study. If it is so, you usually write and send your curriculum vitae (CV), or resume.Using the Internet you can send it to lots of places. There are some useful rules of writing a resume.

1. Give your personal details.

2. Write about your personal qualitieswhich you think are most important for the place or post you want to get.

3. Write about the skillsyou have that can be important for your future place or post.

4. Write about where you worked before. Start with the recent joband finish with the earliest one.

5. Write about your qualiflcations.Begin with the most recent ones and finish with your secondary education.

6. Give references— the people that can give information about you.

Here is the CV Ada Morrison from Great Britain sent to one of London agencies.

Curriculum Vitae Ada Morrison 12 Elm Grove Lane, Anytown, OT2 3IR Tel: 0669 207 568 E-mail: adam@ssu.co.uk British 8/11/79 single

Personal details



Nationality Date of birth Marital status Personal profile

I am reliableand well organized. I am sociableand can work

well as a part of a team.Key skills

Computing skills (Microsoft Word and Excel).